Creative Spirituality

Understanding the relationship between the unseen, our creative imagination, and manifesting a physical creation

Creative Spirituality is an application of a powerful interdisciplinary understanding of a technology of creativity interlinked through a common set of information to create health, wealth, inner satisfaction or whatever we desire to create


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What is it?

Creative spirituality addresses the result of an exploration into our inherent creativity about what is traditionally called spiritual.

One of the most surprising discoveries in the exploration of our inherent was the observation from within the creativity perspective there is no spiritual and there is no physical. Rather, there is just the same material of Creation manifesting itself in a different way. To think and believe there is a realm of spirit and spiritual and a realm of material and physical is to live in separation within ourselves and blind ourselves to oneness and interconnectedness that exists and robs us of our creative power and what we desire in life.

Such belief and thinking blinds us to the ability to use this interconnectedness in our lives and greatly impacts our creativity and what we can and cannot create. Because so many individuals separate the spiritual and the physical or see the spiritual and physical as separate, it is appropriate to have a topic that bridges this gap. The intent of the creative spirituality topic is to help bridge this gap.

Results of an exploration

At the most fundamental levels of Creation, Physicists have observed Creation does not work the way our mind perceived it to work. Energy has both a wave nature and a particle nature. Depending on how we choose to observer determines whether energy is perceive as a wave or a particle.

As a result of an exploration into our inherent creativity, is has been observed consciousness also has a wave and particular nature. How we choose to observe consciousness is simply determined by how we consciously or nonconsciously have focused our attention and awareness by what we think and believe. We can localize our awareness in the particle nature of consciousness reflected by our mind. This is the way our awareness normally perceives the creation/Creation we experience Or we access our nonlocalized awareness through what is symbolized in our heart and experience the wave nature of consciousness. Here we perceive through the view of the heart and feeling the flow of energy giving rise to the experience of creation/Creation. This view is reflected in our intuitive guidance, body wisdom and inner knowing. It is to know things that mind does not have the experience to know or have any way of knowing.

As a result of an extended exploration into our creative ability and creative power and the nature of Creation at its most fundamental levels, it is concluded that we each are infinite creative beings possessing an unlimited creativity to create our experiences and to create the reality we experience. We have only limited our unlimited creativity for the intended purpose of having certain types and kinds of physical experiences. Exactly how and why this is true is discussed in, and is the whole basis for, the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material.

Applying the result of the exploration

Creative spirituality is a starting point to address two things. One is to address from a creativity perspective the aspects of creation/Creation that most individual call spiritual, spirituality or the realm of the spirit(s). Within this understanding there is no separation between the seen and unseen worlds. That is, it is to address things that are usually considered spiritual or about the unseen or spiritual realms as to how they are perceived within the creativity perspective where our creativity is held sacred. The second is to address that we are an infinitely creative being with an unlimited creativity and what this means as to how we create the experiences we have.

The creative life energy that manifest the universe and sustains our being is creative. Spirituality is only one way of describing and working with this creative life energy. Creative endeavors are another. Creativity and spirituality are different facets of the same crystal and as such, each reflects a different aspect of this energy. Sometimes creativity or through creative endeavors is the more appropriate way to view this energy and at other time it is spirituality as reflected in many of the available spiritual traditions. The emphasis and direction in this material is creativity

Creative spirituality is about consciously working with the realization there is no physical realm and no spiritual realm of Creation. There is only the ebb and flow of energy into and out of form as determined by how consciousness has focused  its attention and awareness. When we surrender to the flow of energy and what we feel we are in the realm and experience of energy. On his point, our awareness has surrendered to the flow of energy giving rise to the experience of Physical Creation for whatever reason it may have to have the physical experience of being a human being. When we attempt to interpret what we experience, place a judgment on what we experience, and/or compare what we experience to anything we are in the realm of consciousness and moving into the role of consciousness in the creative process. Within the dance of energy and consciousness, the role of consciousness is to become the cause in the creative process.

Creative spirituality provides an understanding of how to utilize the relationship of energy and consciousness through our creative imagination to bridge what is perceived as the spiritual and physical realms to create what we desire. It is about learning to work with the origins of the flow of energy which gives rise to the experiences we have. It is to learn to understand that to believe we must become something other than what we are and to believe there is the need for a so called spiritual journey is the illusion of mind. Although there is the need for an inner journey, there is nothing which makes the inner journey separate from our physicalness. Rather, our inner world is reflected in the outer. Here again it needs to be emphasized from a creativity perspective, that which is considered spiritual is not really separate from any other aspect of Creation.

Why explore creativity spirituality - the primary issue

In accessing the depth and breadth of our creative ability and creative power, what has been found is that our concept of God and any associated concepts and understanding about spirituality, and concepts and understandings about sexuality, pain, and fear, in particular, fear of pain, seem to be the greatest obstacles in preventing us from seeing and experiencing the depth and breadth of our true creative ability and creative power that is available to us. It has been observed that each of us will have to explore and understand to some extent how each of these do, and do not, function in our life to impact and influence our creativity. In particular, we have to explore if what we think and believe about any of these topics allows us to hold our creativity sacred or does what we think and believe rob us of our creative ability and creative power.

Alternatively said, accessing the depth and breadth of our creative ability and creative power is about the free unfoldment of our creative spirit. If we want to get our creative spirit out of the cage of our own making, we will have to face the top and bottom of the cage. The top is reflective of our concept of God, spirituality, the unseen realms and the like and how what we think and believe about the creative powers/Creative Powers of creation/Creation.

The bottom of the box is how we plug into Physical Creation to ground the energy to freely flow to create life and create a life and way of being to manifest our creation. Sexuality is ultimately about creating life. What we think and believe about creating life at any level of being either within or without and allowing passion to arise in our life to create a life worth living will cause sexuality to arise in one way or another to one degree or another. How and what we believe and how we act or donít act on our sexuality is key to both creating life at any level of being and how we ground our energy. The issue of sexuality and its impact on our creativity is discussed as a separate topic in the topic "Creative Sexuality."

For centuries the world addressed by mysticism, spirituality, and related type practices has been seen and experienced as separate from the physical world addressed by science. Yet this separation is illusionary. These two world come together within each human being as a unified whole and through our ability to create. By seeing the world addressed by mysticism and the world address by science as separate, we have deny our birthright as the creators that we are and the depth and breadth of our creative power and creative ability. Bridging these two world opens the door to untold understandings that can revolutionize and recreate our lives, individually and collectively (More on .....the primary issue).

Key to Creative Spirituality

The key to Creative Spirituality and bridging the seen and unseen realms of Creation is to understand the relationship of energy and consciousness. It is to understand the wave particle nature of energy and the way the mind of consciousness perceives a flow of energy to focus its attention and awareness to localize itself into a given form (More on ....bridging the seen and unseen realms)

The intention for this web site

The intent of this website is to provide free of charge essential concepts and considerations to bridge the seen and unseen realms and access the creative power available to us through, and in, the unseen. In particular it provides a way to understand the relationship between energy and consciousness, and the implications of that relations. This material is provided in order to help the individual access the necessary creative power and creative ability to create the experiences we desire and further understand the creative spirit found in each heart. (More on .... Why free?)


Any experience we have is the result of a flow of energy. Although there may be a probably as to what manifests as seen in many quantum mechanical phenomenon as opposed to the certainty of classical phenomenon. Nevertheless a movement of energy is necessary for something to happen. Without a flow of energy there is no movement and nothing to experience. Creative Spirituality allows one to access the unseen realms to influence the flow before it become manifested in a physical experience. As such, it can be applicable to any aspect of life on which we focus our attention and awareness and use our creative imagination to influence the flow. (More on ... influencing the flow of energy before it manifests)

Truth in labeling

One area of concern is that in the same way the principles of science caused many to review their beliefs about the nature of Creation as compared to what is taught in many religious and spiritual traditions, the principles introduced in Creative Spirituality bridge the physical and the spiritual and the seen and unseen. As such they may cause you to seriously evaluate your beliefs about nature and the nature of reality, the nature of the creative powers/Creative Powers of creation/Creation, about whom you think you are, how we create and how we are, and are not, responsible for creating the reality we see before us. Whether or not you choose to change how you view of reality will be, as it always has been, your choice. The recommendation is to allow effectiveness to be your measure of truth.

Truth in labeling - disclaimer

Although this material talks about spirituality, this material has no association, affiliation, or anything to do with any spiritual and/or religious tradition. This material is exclusively about your unseen and intangible creative power and creative ability and your ability to access the creative power available to you in the unseen.

Using this material and approach

The essential understanding to using this material is to realize we are creativity machines. That is, we are designed to create and we cannot not create. If we do not consciously create we will do so nonconsciously. Our very being bridges the seen and unseen realms of Creation. The approach to this material is to make the following analogy real in your life.

In some ways we are like a coin made from a single pure metal or alloy. As a coin we have an inner core and two faces. Each face is imprinted by a stamp which comes from the outside. Although each face appears to be different it is made of the exact same material as the other face and what lies in between each face, only the impression on the surface is different.

We can call the inner core energy consciousness and it is what exist on each face. One face is what we experience as energy. What is imprinted on this face is determined by what we experience in the outer world of mass and energy. The other face we experience as consciousness. What is imprinted on this face is determined by the outer world and what we seen and experience through our conscious awareness and what we come to think and believe.

On first impression it appears each face is separate and unrelated. Each face appears to be imprinted in a different way from something, or by something, that appears to come from outside. That is, some experience of, or within, Creation.

What is not realized, and which is the essence of Creative Spirituality, is that what we experience in the outer world as mass and energy and through our consciousness both arise from within our being and flows out. Rather than saying each face is stamped from an external stamp based on the experience we have in the world, each face is stamped from within and presented to the world. The world then responds to what we present as an experience. In essence, each face is the same and forms based on how we response to the external world. They only look different because one is experienced as energy and the other is experienced as consciousness.

The key to Creative Spirituality is to see and operate from the understanding each face is a perfect image of the other but experience differently. For many this is too much to be believe but nevertheless true. Many of the associated application web sites, like Creativity Physics, attempt to make this realization understandable.

Exploring Creative Spirituality

The first step in exploring Creative Spirituality can best be describe as learning to play with, and explore, what we think and believe and to see how it impacts our life and the world we experience. It is to use our creative imagination to explore all the options that are possible and then to begin to experiment with some of those options in the world. We have a free will and are free to explore all and any aspect of Creation as we wish. However, most find this difficult to do. Either they donít know where to start and what aspect of life to explore and/or they do not have a set of beliefs that allows them to do the exploration.

Relative to a recommended approach to explore Creative Spirituality, each of us our unique. What works for one will not necessarily work for another. It would nice to give a single method that all could follow and would work for everyone. But it is not possible and not that simple. The first challenge in exploring Creative Spirituality is to accept and embrace how unique each of us really are. We then need to look inward and have our intuitive guidance lead us on our own unique path. This, of course, assumes, we can recognize our own uniqueness and we are capable of using our intuitive guidance.

Since there is no single path to explore, a selection of options is provided in the topic, "Options for exploring Creativity Spirituality."

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